Anti-flooding modular barriers

Advantages anti-flooding modular barriers



Weather conditions are changing every day, and more and more big downpours are occurring which can quickly turn into floods and/or flash floods. Protecting your home and/or business from such floods with prevention systems could be vital to keeping all your belongings safe in a matter of just a few minutes.




This water containment system is based on aluminium barriers which allow you to create an effective wall against the threat of floodwater or overflowing in homes, shops and public spaces.
The slats are designed so that the water accumulates within their sections and the very weight of the water prevents them from floating. 





     Easy to install and handle


     Can be used as often as necessary


Accesorio fácil de transportar     Easy to store and transport

Reciclable y respetuoso con el medio ambiente     Environmentally friendly

Accesorio totalmente adaptable     Flexible, adapts to any opening type and length

Sin coste de instalación     Has no reuse cost

Amplia gama de colores y acabados     Lacquered finishes upon request