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Aluminium for Architecture

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Aluminium for Architecture

Residencial Atalaya - Solvia

Advantages of aluminium



Aluminium alloys can be a strong as steel with only one third of its weight, which makes aluminium a suitable material for many of the different components.


Resistance to corrosion

The oxide layer that naturally covers aluminium gives it an effective barrier against the elements compared to other metals. There are alloys specially produced and treated to increase this resistance to corrosion.


Suitability for recycling

Aluminium is a 100% recyclable material. The energy consumption of recycling is low, it does not lose any of its properties and can be used countless times, making it a clear example of the Cradle to Cradle concept. The system components are easily removable if necessary, making them easy to remove and manage for recycling, thus contributing to optimal end-of-life management of a building.



Its components, due to their intrinsic characteristics, do not require any specific maintenance beyond regular cleaning. This fact, together with the excellent corrosion resistance of aluminium and the mechanical strength of aluminium, gives the system an outstanding service life.



The simplicity of the installation method, as well as the modularity of the system and the low weight of the slats allows for quick transport, handling and installation of the system, contributing to an overall cost saving of the cladding.



Its low relative weight combined with the inherent strength and rigidity of the metal gives it unique capabilities, achieving high capacities with less weight, facilitating the handling and installation of the materials.