Who are we?

Alu-Stock, experts in aluminium solutions for architecture

At Alu-Stock, with over 30 years’ experience in the aluminium industry, we offer our customers a wide range of high quality aluminium solutions, enabling them to create façades and interior spaces with a unique and personalised appearance.

Thanks to the properties of aluminium, our materials stand out for by their durability, lightness, strength and low maintenance, which guarantees a long service life for our customers’ projects.

We offer personalised technical advice, the possibility of designing unique slats for each project, with a variety of geometries, sizes and styles, as well as a wide range of complementary materials or standardised aluminium profiles, to offer a comprehensive installation system.

At Alu-Stock, we collaborate with architects and interior designers to provide them with customised solutions that meet their needs and find the best option for each project.

  • Broad solution range

    We have a wide variety of aluminium solutions for architecture and interior design, with an ample range of designs and finishes to suit the needs of each project.
  • Consultancy and Technical Service:

    Our technical team specialises in aluminium solutions and applications, helping you select the right products for your needs. We are committed to providing a comprehensive and quality service to ensure the success of your projects.
  • Unlimited personalisation

    We understand that each project is unique and requires tailor-made solutions. With our wide range of aluminium products, we offer the flexibility and adaptability to create customised and functional architectural designs.
  • Energy efficiency

    Due to its properties, such as low weight, high strength, excellent thermal conductivity, durability, low maintenance and recyclability, it is an energy-efficient material.

We have a consultancy service that you can count on to find the right solution for each individual project and to calculate the material required.

The incorporation of a solution with such a simple installation as the Falkit® system from the first steps of a project makes it possible to implement a modulation with less waste and to resolve the different encounters in an efficient manner. 

In addition to the wide range available in our catalogue, our extensive experience and the possibilities offered by aluminium allow us to design and offer solutions with customised designs according to the project. We also offer the possibility of making prototypes using PLA 3D printing to test possible solutions.

ALU- STOCK belongs to Lontana Group, an industrial group with more than 950 people who bring value to customers, offering global solutions as an industrial supplier of semi-transformed metal products, hardware and fixing systems to companies like:

Its customers come from the most demanding sectors like automotive, industrial, construction, energy, aeronautics, rail, architecture and naval. It has more than 13,000 customers from over 100 countries and 15 locations and sales offices on three of the five continents.

Alu-Stock. Aluminium for architecture

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