Aluskit® accessories

Special bolts and screws

Special screws and nuts for the channels of Aluskit modular profiles. Their specific assembly making use of the channel of the profiles allows a highly extensive and versatile number of joints.

Anchor head screw

Anchor head screws M8 for profiles with 10 channel. They are inserted into the channel and when they are tightened by turning they become self-locked in it.


Material Code Length
AC 7004.20114.M0820 20
AC 7004.20114.M0825 25
AC 7004.20114.M0830 30
AC 7004.20114.M0840 40
AC 7004.20114.M0860 60
STAINLESS STEEL 7004.20116.M0860 60

Anchor head nut

Anchor head nuts that become locked in the profile by one turn when they are tightened.


Material Code Metric Channel
AC 7004.3103.M06012 M6 8
AC 7004.3103.M04000 M4 10
AC 7004.3103.M05000 M5 10
AC 7004.3103.M06000 M6 10
AC 7004.3103.M08000 M8 10
STAINLESS STEEL 7004.3103.M08102 M8 10

Rectangular nut with spring

Nuts that are inserted into the channel from one end of the profile and are fastened in the channel by the lower plate, which acts as a spring. This make them ideal for vertical assemblies.


Material Code Metric Channel
AC 7004.3107.M04000 M4 10
AC 7004.3107.M05008 M5 8
AC 7004.3107.M05000 M5 10
AC 7004.3107.M06008 M6 8
AC 7004.3107.M06000 M6 10
AC 7004.3107.M08000 M8 10

Diamond nut with spring

Nut that can be inserted into the channel either though one end of the profile or through the front by inclining it before inserting it. It is fixed in position thanks to the rear metal tab. This make them ideal for vertical assemblies.


Material Code Metric Channel
AC 7004.3108.M04008 M4 8
AC 7004.3108.M04000 M4 10
AC 7004.3108.M05008 M5 8
AC 7004.3108.M05000 M5 10
AC 7004.3108.M06008 M6 8
AC 7004.3108.M06000 M6 10
AC 7004.3108.M08000 M8 10

Square nut 19x19

Square nut for profiles with 10 channel, which is inserted into the channel from one end of the profile.


Material Code Metric
AC 7004.3109.M04001 M4
AC 7004.3109.M05001 M5
AC 7004.3109.M06001 M6
AC 7004.3109.M08001 M8

Aluminium mortised nut

Aluminium mortised nut for insertion into the channel from one end of the profile. Suitable for slot 10.


Material Code Metric
ALU 7004.3104.M08002 M8

Reducer fitting

Reducer fitting that makes it possible to use bolts and screws with a lower metric than that required according to the housing.


Material Code External
AC 7004.31200.M0812 M12 M8
AC 7004.31200.M1014 M14 M10
AC 7004.31200.M1216 M16 M12

Flange head nut

Flange head nut which, due to its grooved lower surface, has a better grip on fastening.


Material Code Metric
AC 7004.20101.M0600 M6
AC 7004.20101.M0800 M8

Self-locking nut for aluminium profiles

Self-locking nut with nylon ring that avoids vibrations loosening the screw connections.


Material Code Metric
STAINLESS STEEL 7004.20102.M08A2 M8