Right-angle brackets

45° angle fixed connecting bracket

Accessories for creating fixed connections at 45º of the 30x30,40x40, 45x45 and 80x40 profiles. They are available in silver lacquered finish and can be supplied lacquered in other colours on request.

Material Code Profile
ALU 70045512830300 30x30
ALU 70045512840400 40x40
ALU 70045512845450 45x45
ALU 70045512880400 80x40


Bolts and screws

Material Code Reference Quantity
AC 7051.00851.M0830 Pan Head Screw DIN 7380 M8x30 1/2
AC 7051.09121.M0816 Allen Screw DIN912 M8x16 1/2
AC 7004.3103.M08000 Anchor head nut M8* 1/2
AC 7004.3107.M08000 Rectangular nut with spring M8* 1/2
AC 7004.3108.M08000 Diamond nut with spring M8* 1/2


* Choose the most suitable nut depending on its application.