Right-angle brackets

Extruded aluminium right-angle brackets 90x90x10

Extruded aluminium right-angle brackets in anodised finish 90x90 and different widths that adapt to all Aluskit range modular profiles.


The screw support incorporated on the side can be used for panelling.


Right-angle brackets 90x90x10

Code Profile Holes
70045202909027 30 4
70045202909035 40 4
70045202909040 45 4
70045202909055 60 4
70045202909075 80 8
70045202909085 90 8
70045202909099 135 12


Bolts and screws

Material Code Reference Quantity
Option 1
AC 705109121M0820 Allen Screw M8x20 s/e
AC 70043103M08000 Anchor head nut M8* s/e
AC 70043107M08000 Rectangular nut with spring M8* s/e
AC 70043108M08000 Diamond nut with spring M8* s/e
Option 2
AC 700420114M0825 Anchor Head Screw M8x25 s/e
AC 700420101M0800 Flange Nut M8 s/e
Option 3
STAINLESS STEEL 700420115M0825 Anchor Head Screw M8x25 s/e
STAINLESS STEEL 700420101M08IX Flange Nut M8 s/e


*Options available to choose from. Choose the most suitable nut depending on its application.