Covers and bases

Threaded covers for tube

Threaded covers for square and round standard tubes with threaded insert for attaching to wheels, levelling feet or any other accessory that incorporates a thread.


Threaded covers for square tube

Material Code Tube
FIB 7022.13015.M08NE 30x30x1.5
FIB 7022.14020.M08NE 40x40x2
FIB 7022.14020.M12NE 40x40x2
FIB 7022.14020.M08NE 40x40x2
FIB 7022.15020.M08NE 50x50x2
FIB 7022.15030.M12NE 50x50x3
FIB 7022.16020.M08NE 60x60x2
FIB 7022.16030.M12NE 60x60x3


Threaded covers for round tube

Material Code Ø Thickness
FIB 7022.23020.M08NE 30 2
FIB 7022.23025.M08NE 30 2.5
FIB 7022.24842.M08NE 48 2
FIB 7022.24842.M12NE 48 2