Aluminium plates

Anodised and lacquered plates

Anodised plates

Characteristics | Continuous anodised plates


Alloy | Magnealtok 10 - EN AW 5005


Stock available |  

Format 1.0 mm 1.5 mm 2.0 mm 3.0 mm
2000x1000 15 15 15 15
2500x1250 15
* 15o*
15 15 15
3000x1500 15 15
15 15


-15: Natural anodised 15μ >
-20: Natural anodised 20μ 
-15n: 15μ black anodised *While stocks last
-15o: 15μ gold anodised *While stocks last 


Others | On request we can supply plates in a variety of formats in non-continuous anodised.


Finish | We also have the possibility of supplying anodised plates with different finishes: sanded, matt, gloss, mirror gloss,... as well as anodised plates in a variety colours.

Lacquered plates

Characteristics | Lacquered in White RAL 9010


Alloy | Almantok 105 - EN AW 3105


Stock available |

Format Thickness 1.5 mm
2000x1000 Stock available
2500x1250 Stock available
3000x1500 Stock available


Others | On request we can supply other colours and formats. 

Sanded plates

Characteristics | On request and in a minimum quantity we can supply sanded finish plates in a wide variety of formats, types and finishes, both rough and anodised, matt, gloss and mirror gloss finishes.

Material in stock Material available in Stock 
Material on request Material on request and minimum quantity
If you cannot find the thickness, size or alloy you are looking for, ask us.

On request, we can supply plates cut to other sizes.