Aluminium Textures


The new Dekor aluminium plates, in our Aluminium Textures range, are characterised by their decorative surface with an endless variety of finishes and patterns available. This surface is achieved my micro-enamelling and/or brushing.


Quality | Dekor Aluminium Textures can be manufactured in different qualities and formats, depending on their final finish. The alloys available are EN AW 1050, EN AW 5005 and EN AW 5754.


Formats | The standard formats are 2.000x1.000, 2.500x1.250 and 3.000x1.500 from 1.5 mm thicknesses. Ask about other sizes up to 6,000 mm long and 2,000 mm wide depending on the chosen finish.


Finishes | The standard finish is mill-finish, and other anodised finished are available on request.


Designs | There are more than 25 designs available in the catalogue. There is also the possibility of creating custom designs with different patterns, corporate brands in specific positions on the plate or along its entire length. Use the following link to view the options available.

Catalogue of Dekor Aluminium Textures