Aluminium Textures


Serrakit aluminium plates offer a unique serrated texture on each part. This means that the different reflections made by the light when it hits their surface lead to interesting plays of colours on the same plane.


Quality | Aluminium plates in alloy EN AW 5754, with very good performance in all types of atmospheres.


Formats | The standard supply sizes are 3000x1500, 2500x1250 and 2000x1000 in 10 mm thicknesses. Other thicknesses and measurements on request and minimum quantity.


Finishes | Their finish may be anodised or hard anodised, which gives a surface hardness to abrasion higher than that of stone. They can also be anodised in organic colours, which are recommended more for indoor applications due to the greater wear that they may suffer outdoors.


Behaviour | Very good resistance to marine environments and excellent resistance to frost.


Mechanical properties | Below are the properties of the material.


Tensile strength (MPa) Yield Strength Rp 0.2 (MPa) Elongation A5 (%) Brinell Hardness HB
200-220 90-100 >12% 55


Dimensional characteristics | Thickness tolerances of +-0.5 and Roughness Ra = 10µm