Aluskit bracket false hinge

Aluminium hinge in anodised finish for fastenings that allow rotation between profiles attached longitudinally or transversally. Can also be used for fixed connections at angles other than 90º.


Material Code Series
ALU 7004.805.020.4040 Accessory valid for Series 40
ALU 7004.805.020.4545 Accessory valid for Series 45


Bolts and screws

Material Code Reference Quantity
AC 7051.07991.M0816 Countersunk Allen Screw M8x16 2
AC 7004.103.M08000 Anchor head nut M8 Channel - 10 2
AC 7004.107.M08000 Rectangular nut with spring M8 Channel - 10 2
AC 7004.108.M08000 Diamond nut with spring M8 Channel - 10 2

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