Longitudinal couplings

Joining shim

This accessory is used to make connections in order to extend the profiles by overlapping the shim on them and attaching it either with a combination of anchor head screw and standard nut or by combining a standard screw with one of the special nuts from the system. It can also be used to connect two profiles in parallel.


Material Code Series
AC 70044210834051 Accessory valid for Series 40 Accessory valid for Series 45



Bolts and screws

Material Code Reference Quantity
AC 705109121M0820 Allen Screw M8x20 2
AC 70043103M08000 Anchor head nut M8 2
AC 70043107M08000 Rectangular nut with spring M8 2
AC 70043108M08000 Diamond nut with spring M8 2
AC 700420114M0825 Anchor Head Screw M8x25 2
AC 700420101M0800 Flange Nut M8 2

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