Aluminium for marine construction

Special aluminium profiles

BIMETALLIC SHIMS - Special profiles


Bimetallic shims are profiles made up of a steel layer, another of pure aluminium (EN AW 1050) and a final one of aluminium with high resistance to marine environments (EN AW 5083), welded by explosion in a vacuum atmosphere.

Their main application is to serve as a joining material between steel structures and aluminium structures, typically used in marine construction.

Aluminium bimetallic shim



Length Measurement

Steel layer thickness


Aluminium layer thickness


Layer thickness


3,800 mm 25 x 34.5 20 mm 8 mm 6 mm




> Minimum shear resistance: 55 N / mm2
> Minimum tensile strength: 75 N / mm2
> Maximum processing temperature: 300º C
> Minimum bend radius: 10e

The product has DNV certification

RAISED SHIM - Special profiles

Measurements available


On request and in a minimum quantity, we can supply the following raised shims


L e
60 6
80 6
120 7

Aluminium raised shim