Aluminium for marine construction

Benefits of aluminium in marine construction


> Strength

In comparison with other light materials such as fibre, aluminium has a better response to possible impacts because it has higher ductility.


> Lightness

The lightness of aluminium vessels compared to other materials give then several advantages: better handling, more features and lower consumption.


> Rigidity 

Aluminium hulls are made by welding together all the elements that make up the structure, which makes it compact and rigid.


> Watertightness

Although other materials are just as impermeable, the possibility of making joints by welding without the need to use mechanical fasteners that require perforations make this type of vessel less likely to suffer leaks.


> Ecology

The capacity for practically unlimited 100% recycling that aluminium has make it not only efficient, but also committed to the environment.


> Maintenance

The excellent response of aluminium in corrosive environments means that it is not necessary to paint it to protect it. The use of Zinc or Magnesium sacrificial anodes prevents possible electrolytic corrosion. In addition, repairs are easier and guarantee similar strength to the original.




Out of all the materials that can be used to make hulls and boats aluminium is one of the most important. The relationship between mechanical properties, material life, maintenance and cost offers an advantage compared to other materials, such as wood or fibre.


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