Aluskit® Solar System

Aluskit® Solar System fastenings

Aluminium accessories for fastening profiles and solar panels and stainless steel bolts and screws for attaching them.

Panel fastening shim

Panel fastening shim for attaching photovoltaic modules to one another. Its grooved lower surface with a slight inclination offers better gripping of the accessory. Also available in 6,050 mm continuous profile.

It is attached to the system by an anchor head screw of the appropriate length depending on the height of the panel and self-locking screw with nylon seal to avoid it becoming loose.


Code Reference
70121211051040 Panel fastening shim

Bolts and screws

Bolts and screws for all Aluskit Solar System fastenings. In all cases the material used is A2 Stainless Steel. For fastening solar plates anchor head screws of the appropriate length depending on the panel height are used. For structural connections DIN 933 hexagonal M8 screws are used. All of these screws are combined with self-locking nuts which allow longer lasting fastening without the need for re-tightening.


Code Reference
7004.20115.M0825 Anchor Head Screw M8x25
7004.20115.M0850 Anchor Head Screw M8x50
7004.20115.M0860 Anchor Head Screw M8x60
7004.20115.M0870 Anchor Head Screw M8x70
7051.09332.M0820 Hexagonal Screw M8x20
7004.20102.M08A2 Self-locking nut M8
7004.20102.M8A2I Tamper-proof nut M8
7051.01272.M0800 Grower Washer M8

Anchoring base

Anchoring base for profiles with 40 mm side.


Code Reference
70045215600000 40 anchoring base

Support right-angle bracket

Aluminium right-angle bracket for supporting and fastening the structure to the surface, 40 mm long and with drill holes of Ø8.


Code Reference
70121716006040 Support right-angle bracket