Lead free aluminium bars

Recommendations for machining lead-free bars



It is recommended to use pure oil as a lubricant whenever possible to improve the performance of machining. The use of emulsions can negatively affect chip formation and chip breakage, as well as excessive water could increase cooling by limiting the proper heat spread necessary for chip breakage.




The use of positive cutting inserts is recommended, as well as tools designed for steel (P) or stainless steel (M) and not so much the specific ones for non-ferrous materials (N). P or M inserts are recommended for roughing and M inserts for finishing.



Recommended machining parameters 

Positive cutting inserts 
  - Type B/C 5-7º according to ISO 1832
  - Reduced shear forces and vibrations
  - Better finish











Operation Cutting speed vc Feed rate f
Turning 150 – 600 m/min 0,15 – 0,80 mm / revolution
Drilling 150 – 600 m/min 0,20 – 0,80 mm / revolution
Milling of faces 150 – 300 m/min 0,08 – 0,45 mm / tooh
Milling of grooves 250 – 2.000 m/min 0,08 – 0,30 mm / tooh